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Do you have these
headache problems?

  • Bad odor
  • Basin blockage
  • Water leakage

Say goodbye to basin
blocking, leaking, and smelly!

Why did you choose us?

  • Excellent Temperature Stability
  • Poor Temperature Resistance,
    Susceptibility To Deformation
  • High Strength,
    Not Easily Damaged
  • Weak Strength,
    Prone To Damage
  • Strong Corrosion Resistance
  • Susceptible To Corrosion
  • High Resistance To lmpact
  • Low lmpact Resistance
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Limited Durability

Odor Prevention

The Odorless Pipe Solution

•Automatic Drainage
Automatic drainage, always closed
when it does not work. Effectively
blocks insects and odors from
entering the blocked pipe.

  • Automatically open
    during drainage
  • Automatically shut
    off when not draining

Clog Prevention
Smooth Flow, No Hassles

Designed with an anti-clogging sink stopper,
which can collect hairs and fines.

Superior Material Quality

Stainless Steel + PP + ABS Construction

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Rust resistance
  • Heat Resistance
  • Durability

Telescoping Design
for Any Sink

Flexible Pipe, Fit Any Place

Overflow hole outlet

Wash basin outlet

  • With holes
  • Nonporous

Easy Installation

Anyone can set up the drain pipe by
hand without the need for tools.

Two-way Installation
Flexible and convenient


  • Place the Drain Stopper: Insert the
    drain stopper into the drain opening.
  • Position the Gasket and Nut: Align
    the gasket and tighten the nut
  • Attach the Drain Pipe: Connect the
    drain pipe to the nut tightly.
  • Insert into the Drainpipe: Finally,
    push the drain pipe into the existing
    drainpipe to complete the installation.


  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 276g
  • Material: PP+ABS+Stainless steel Pipe
  • Pipe Length: Straighten about 1m/
  • Scope of use: Universal washbasin
  • Package includes: Telescoping Anti
    -odor Drain Pipe × 1

Multi scenario applications

  • Haustierbaden
  • Die Toilette
  • Den Boden wischen
  • Badewanne reinigen

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